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Varieties of Flavorful Meat, Seafood and Dessert Croquette Recipes

Posted October 21, 2015

A croquette is a small patty of generally fish or meat varieties. The patty is coated with breadcrumbs and other ingredients, such as egg, and flour. Breadcrumbs are often an essential ingredient in croquette recipes, since these help create the crispy feel and rounded shape. A variety of additional ingredients, like onions, green peppers, garlic, pickle relish, shredded cheese and seasonings may be added to give the croquettes more flavor. 

Fully Cooked Croquettes
Croquettes are usually prepared in small or large batches of mixtures with at least two inches apart and deep-fried in cooking oil. This process prevents the individual croquettes from crumbling. Once the batches are completely cooked, the outer layers are slightly hardened and have golden brownish colors on all sides. The seafood or meats are also fully cooked and ready to be served.

Variations of Croquette Meals
Croquettes can be served as an entrée or as part of a full-course meal. There are many different recipes of croquette meals. They are served with a variety of flavorful sauces. People enjoy creating a wide array of popular croquette recipes, such as:

• Salmon patty croquettes
• Mashed potato croquettes
• Potato and meat croquettes
• Chicken croquettes
• Beef croquettes
• Ham croquettes
• Bacon and rice croquettes

Dessert Croquettes
Dessert croquettes can provide the perfect addition after a full-course meal. There are variety of dessert croquette recipes, such as:Chocolate croquettes

• Chocolate croquettes
• Banana croquettes
• Apple croquettes
• Sweet potato croquettes

Croquette recipes with pastry coatings are dated back to the Roman Empire. During the 18th century, the French began to adopt similar recipes with breadcrumb coatings over meat and fish. Croquette recipes are now popular around Europe and North America. Naples, FL, is home to esteemed international restaurants, like Lamoraga, where you can find a variety of meat and seafood croquette meals.


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