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Qualities to Consider When Looking for a Good Venue among Restaurants

Whether you’re planning your wedding reception or the annual company holiday gala, there are some important things to consider when choosing a venue. The right venue adds the perfect look and feel, capping the finishing touches of your event. The wrong one, however, often leaves the event feeling flat. Consider these important aspect of every venue when making your choice. Continue reading

Varieties of Flavorful Meat, Seafood and Dessert Croquette Recipes

A croquette is a small patty of generally fish or meat varieties. The patty is coated with breadcrumbs and other ingredients, such as egg, and flour. Breadcrumbs are often an essential ingredient in croquette recipes, since these help create the crispy feel and rounded shape. A variety of additional ingredients, like onions, green peppers, garlic, pickle relish, shredded cheese and seasonings may be added to give the croquettes more flavor.  Continue reading