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The Life-Giving Benefits of Eating Fish Dishes from Restaurants

Fish is one of the healthiest meats available, and known to pack a great nutritional punch. When seeking a meal that will keep you active and healthy, look no further than what can be caught underwater.

Fish is generally high in protein, iodine, and other important nutrients. Fish is naturally rich in both D and B2 vitamins, as well as minerals like iodine and iron, among many others. The dietary richness of the meat, combined with its muscle building protein, supplies the body with many essential nutrients.

Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for growth and development. The omega-3 fatty acids prevalent in fish contribute to strong brain and eye development, and it is suggested that expecting and nursing mothers make a healthy habit of eating fish. It is recommended, however, that expecting or nursing mothers eat fish like salmon or trout, more often than fish like mackerel or tuna.

A diet rich in fish/omega-3 fatty acids may also help with depression. Studies show that those who keep a regular diet of fish are less likely to suffer from depression. The fatty acids within fish can even strengthen the effects of antidepressant medication, making both a happier, and healthier, individual.

Eat at least one serving of fish per week to lower the risks of heart problems. The most common causes of premature death are strokes and heart attacks. Studies show that eating at least one serving of fish per week, especially oily fish like salmon or herring, can reduce the risk of heart disease by 50%.

Not all fish is the same, though. To ensure you are eating quality fish, visit restaurants like Lamoraga Restaurant. You can enjoy a delicious dish of grilled salmon, fresh Yellowfin tuna, or lobster bisque.