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Ambiance: Restaurants Create a Mood for a Tastier and Healthier Dining

When you think about ambiance in terms of restaurants, you might think about softly lit spaces and candlelight. But ambiance refers to any kind of atmosphere, and it can have a significant effect on how and whether you enjoy your meal. Every restaurant has ambiance, but not all ambiance is as pleasant as it could be.

Studies have shown that everything from the color of plates to what kind of music is playing can affect the experience that a meal provides.

For example, one study looked at what happened when one part of a fast food restaurant was turned into a fine dining establishment. That portion of the restaurant had soft lighting and quiet jazz instrumentals. People spent more time over their meals and ordered more, but they actually ate less. They also enjoyed their food more.

Another study found that loud and unpleasant noises caused people’s blood pressure to increase, and they ate more. People who watched with a TV on ate fewer fruits and vegetables.

Many variables affected how people behaved and perceived their meal. For example, people ate more when they were with others than when they were alone unless they were in a stressful situation such as a job interview.

Studies appear to show that people enjoy food more with the right ambiance, and the right ambiance keeps people from overeating. A restaurant like Lamoraga puts a great deal of thought into the ambiance it provides for guests. This ensures that as they order tasty, healthy food from the menu, they enjoy it as much as possible. Lamoraga provides a great atmosphere for diners who want to linger with family and friends over our delicious meals.