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Qualities to Consider When Looking for a Good Venue among Restaurants

Whether you’re planning your wedding reception or the annual company holiday gala, there are some important things to consider when choosing a venue. The right venue adds the perfect look and feel, capping the finishing touches of your event. The wrong one, however, often leaves the event feeling flat. Consider these important aspect of every venue when making your choice. Continue reading

Welcome to the Ho Ho Ho Holiday season

As the year is coming to an end, thoughts of what the year brought and what is left of it can be overwhelming. Especially for companies, big or small, the question of hosting a holiday party is always reoccurring this time of year.

If you are wondering whether or not you should invest the time, effort and funds into this type of activity, here are some reason why this is a good idea.

For one, not only can a holiday party boost moral for the rest of the year but it is a great opportunity for the boss to engage with the employees in a casual setting. This makes him or her more human and demonstrates that the company is not a machine. During casual conversation the vision and objectives of the company can be reinforced, which gets everyone a sense of what they are working for

In the right setting, a holiday party is a perfect event that promotes camaraderie. Employees will interact in a way that just doesn’t happen at the workplace. By entering family members into the mix, everybody will get a much better sense of what kind of person their coworker really is. In addition, the family members will have a better idea, of who their loved ones are spending so many hours with.

If you don’t want to spend much time and money, a get together and dinner at a restaurant for a group of people is always a great idea. Everybody has to eat and it is always acceptable to have a cocktail, a glass of wine or a beer. In Naples, Lamoraga is a perfect setting for any size get together.

Lamoraga restaurant offers international cuisine and tapas in a unique contemporary setting, certainly making any guest you invite feel very special. There is no other place in Naples like Lamoraga. “We Love To Share” is what this restaurant is all about. This is what the holiday season is all about.

Lamoraga’s menu is ideal to order tapas for the table to be shared over wine and laughter, followed by one of the unique internationally inspired main entrees. The atmosphere over sharing foods becomes a very casual affair and encourages conversation to the left, the right and across the table. If you are looking for something special this year, you have to bring your employees to Lamoraga. It is conveniently located on Tamiami Trail half way between downtown Naples and the Mercado shopping and dining.

This 150 seat restaurant offers several different dining experiences. You can reserve in the open dining room with large windows capturing SW Florida‘s sunsets, the fun bar area that features high top table for a more casual setting or a patio for the mild Florida winter weather. For either one, contact management at Lamoraga (239)-331-3669 for more detail and make your reservation today. To view the entire menus that include happy hour, seafood dishes, steak entrees and international classics, visit

Happy Holidays and safe travels……. into 2016!