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Varieties of Flavorful Meat, Seafood and Dessert Croquette Recipes

A croquette is a small patty of generally fish or meat varieties. The patty is coated with breadcrumbs and other ingredients, such as egg, and flour. Breadcrumbs are often an essential ingredient in croquette recipes, since these help create the crispy feel and rounded shape. A variety of additional ingredients, like onions, green peppers, garlic, pickle relish, shredded cheese and seasonings may be added to give the croquettes more flavor.  Continue reading

Halloween in Spain

Usually in the blog, we’re covering topics about Spain or getting in-depth about items on our menu. Since it’s October, we thought we’d do something a little fun and apropos to the season. We’re going to talk about Halloween in Spain! Although Halloween is huge in the United States, not every country celebrates it. But there are quite a few that have caught on and go all out for the holiday.


First, let’s talk about Spain. Why? Just look at our menu! We’re all about the Spanish cuisine, drinks, and tapas. Do you think Spain celebrates Halloween? If you said no, think again! Halloween has a few names in Spain: Noche de los Muertos (Night of the Dead), and, in the north, Noite dos Calacus (Night of the Pumpkins). According to an article on Matador Network, people all over Spain will celebrate Halloween. The Northern region of Spain celebrates Halloween a little differently than other areas. This is due to Celtic influence and traditions. In the northern areas, some locals will light bonfires, carve pumpkins, and drink queimadas which are alcoholics drink made of unground coffee, sugar, lemon rind, and aguardiente. Though it is made with alcohol, much of it is burned off. Consuming this drink is symbolic, as it is the act of burning away bad luck.

As in most towns in the US, Halloween is very much a holiday for children. Though in cities, you will find adults donning costumes and going out on the town. The big difference between the US and Spain, is that in Spain trick or treating occurs at shops and restaurants rather than homes. In Spain, Halloween is less about the commercial side (buying costumes, getting candy) and more about celebrating and honoring the dead. Also unlike the US, people in Spain tend to dress up as ghosts, zombies, and other monsters, rather than pop culture icons like Batman or Betty Boop.

Halloween in Spain is followed by Dia de Todos los Santos (All Saints’ Day). This is a public holiday where families visit the graves of loved ones. On this day, mass is held three times.

We hope you will come visit us during Halloween! This year it lands on a Saturday, which means you won’t feel guilty staying up late. Get some tapas to share with the table, like Roasted Red Pepper Iberico Rolls or Andalusian Garlic Shrimp. Then grab a pitcher of Lamoraga Sangria to share! Celebrate Halloween at Lamoraga!