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The Origin of Happy Hour | Lamoraga Naples

origin of happy hour

We know you enjoy a good happy hour (c’mon who doesn’t!?). You get drinks and appetizers for a great deal, just by showing up at a certain time. Happy hour has become a staple in the United States. Workers all over clamor to their favorite spots after work to enjoy some drinks, relax, and talk with friends. Have you ever wondered what genius invented happy hour? Well we’ve been thinking about it and want to fill you in. So next time you’re enjoying happy hour with us, you can impress your friends with the happy hour origin story.

The Basics
Happy hour is the practice of serving specials during a certain time of day. This time of day varies (usually 3pm-8pm) but it’s generally an off time for restaurants and bars. Happy hour is a great way for businesses to get customers in the door during times when they are slow.

The Origin of Happy Hour
You may think a clever marketer invented this special. It actually started out in the 1920s after WW1. It’s an American naval term which refers to a certain amount of time in which sailors can enjoy entertainment during long days at sea. This was usually wrestling or boxing.

During this time back on land, America was going through Prohibition. From 1920-1933 it was illegal to manufacture, transport or sell an alcohol. But this didn’t stop many Americans. Instead they headed to speakeasies or homes in the area to drink illegal beverages. Usually they did this before dinner. Soon people started to refer to this fun drinking time before dinner as happy hour.

It is believed by some that an article in the Saturday Evening Post from 1959 first mentioned happy hour and introduced it to the public. By the 1970s and 1980s, restaurants and bars all over started creating happy hour specials.

Some states don’t take too kindly to happy hour though. There are 23 states that have banned restaurants from selling “alcoholic beverages during a fixed period of time for a fixed price”. The term has even been banned in Ontario Canada.

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