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The Lamoraga Guide to Paella


If you’ve had the chance to dine at Lamoraga, you’ve seen likely seen someone order our delicious Paella if you haven’t ordered it for yourself. Paella is one of Spain’s most well known dishes, some even refer to it as Spain’s national dish. Our Seafood Paella consists of saffron rice and a selection of fresh seafood. This is one of the best known types of paella, the other two are Valencian and mixed.

Valencia is the region of Spain where Paella is said to have originated. It appeared at around the mid-nineteenth century near a coastal lagoon in Valencia. A food historian has said this about paella: “[it] symbolizes the union and heritage of two important cultures, the Roman, which gives us the utensil and the Arab which brought us the basic food of humanity for centuries.” 

The word paella is Valencian-Catalan and comes from the Old French word “paelle” which means pan. Valencians use the term “paella” for all kinds of pans. In many other parts of Spain, the word “paellera” is used for the type of pan used to cook paellas. Valencian style consists of white rice, chicken, rabbit, butter beans, runner beans, tomatoes, paprika, saffron, salt, water, and olive oil. Optionally people added in snails and duck.

The seafood variety is just that, using seafood instead of the meat and beans present in the Valencian style. Mixed paella features ingredients from both: seafood, meat, sausage, vegetables. The most popular around the world is the seafood variety.

There is even a world record surrounding paella (seems like there’s a world record for everything!). A restaurateur in Valencia created the largest paella, feeding 100,000 people.

Alright, enough reading! Come visit us for lunch or dinner and try this Spanish tradition.