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A Guide to Tartare with Lamoraga


If you’re a fan of cooking shows like Top Chef you will probably have heard of steak or tuna tartare. The judges love it, chefs love it, but what is it? First off, any tartare is finely chopped, raw meat. So tartare can be any meat: tuna, salmon, beef. The name is actually a shortening of the French term “a la tartare” which means “served with tartar sauce”. Tartare can still mean served with tartar sauce for some dishes like fried fish.

Some tartare recipes call for flavorings like Worcestershire, and other extras like scallions, chives, shallots, and more. The beauty of this dish is in the different ways a chef can take the flavor. Regions as various as Africa and Europe have their own versions of tartare. A creative chef can really put their touch on this dish. At Lamoraga, our tuna tartare includes diced ahi tuna with avocado, mango, and crispy plantain. Our steak tartare includes beef tenderloin, toast points, and a mustard emulsion. Two delicious takes on arguably the most popular tartare options.

Regions across the world use their own culture to inspire their dishes. In Mexico, chefs may marinate the meat in lime juice, in Canada they may use bison meat, while in Nepal they might use buffalo meat. Tartare is truly a world cuisine inspired by the chef’s creative passion and the culture.

Lamoraga features world cuisine at its finest, including items like Spanish tapas, and carpaccio. Enjoy cuisine that will transport you to that country. Bring your friends to enjoy drinks and a great meal at Lamoraga!