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Types of Spanish Liquor with Lamoraga Naples

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Every country has some well-known liquor it is famous for. Trinidad and Tobago is known for rum, Russia for Vodka, and Mexico for Tequila. Spain too has its national drinks: Sherry and Sangria. Both involve wine, but each has a distinctive taste. They are produced in different regions and using different methods. Below we will explain more about these national beverages.


The word Sherry comes from the anglicisation of Jerez, the area in which the grapes are grown. This is a fortified wine made of white grapes. These grapes are grown in Andalusia. Any wine with the name Sherry must legally come from a certain area of Spain.

For different types of Sherry, different varieties of the white grape are used. For sweet dessert flavors, Pedro Ximenez and Moscatel grapes are used. Palomino grapes can make light and dark versions of Sherry, depending how long they age in the barrel. A Cream Sherry is made by blending Oloroso Sherry and Pedro Ximenez Sherry.

Sherry is generally a dry, sweet wine, because fortification occurs after fermentation is complete.  This drink has a high alcohol content (15%-22%) because a grape spirit is added after fermentation. Sherry should generally be drunk once it is bottled, as further bottle aging doesn’t increase flavor. The traditional serving vessel is a copita, a tulip-shaped glass.


Sangria is probably Spain’s most well-known export. This drink is made of wine, chopped fruit, brandy, and a sweetener. The fruit can be almost anything: orange, apple, peach, mango. The sweetener is generally honey, sugar, or syrup. The name Sangria comes from the Spanish and Portuguese word for bloodletting, due to the drink’s dark- red color.

This drink is especially popular in the summer in Spain and Portugal. It is often served in a pitcher with a strainer to prevent the fruit from going into the glass. Some countries even sell bottled sangria. In the US, a soft drink called Sangria Senorial has become popular. Due to strict guidelines, any drink labelled sangria must come from Spain or Portugal.

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