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A Guide to Dessert Wines with Lamoraga Naples

You love having a glass of wine with dinner, but have you thought about what wines to pair with
your dessert? These wines are meant to be sweeter than the average wine. They become
sweet because fermentation is stopped to prevent the grape’s sugar from turning into alcohol.
Dessert wines don’t necessarily have to accompany dessert. There are many great dessert
wines that pair well with cheeses and fruit. There are many dessert wines other than those
discussed below. Head out to your local winery to taste and familiarize yourself with the different
dessert wines.
Ice Wine (Eiswein)
The term Eiswein means ice wine in German and refers to a flavorful, rich wine. Ice wine is
appropriate because the grapes used are frozen on the vine. This results in grapes with
concentrated juices, high sugar, and acid. The best ice wines come from Germany and Canada.
This type of wine is very rare and expensive because vineyard freezes do not happen every

Dessert Wine

Dessert Wine

Sherry is a fortified wine, which are wines formed by adding grape brandy to a wine. Fortified
wines tend to be dry or sweet and high in alcohol content (17-20%). Sherry originates from
Andalusia, Spain, utilizing Pedro Ximinez, Palomino, and Moscatel grape varieties. One type of
sherry is Amontillado. It is mostly dry and can take on peanut and butter flavors. Cream is a
sweet sherry, and is a blend of Oloroso and Pedro Ximinez sherry. Pedro Ximinez sherry is very
sweet and has a brown sugar and fig-type flavor. There are many other varieties of Sherry
ranging from dry to very sweet.
This is another type of fortified wine. It is from the northern region of Portugal near the Duoro
river. Port is made from many types of grapes such as Tinta Roriz and Touriga Nacional. These
grapes are stomped daily and left to ferment in open containers. Eventually the wine is blended
with a grape spirit which stops fermentation allowing the grape’s sugars to become more
prevalent. There are many varieties of ports such as the very sweet Tawny variety. Tawny Port
gets more nut and fig flavors as it ages. LBV Ports are best served young and are sweet.

Enjoy the finest world cuisine at Lamoraga Naples

At Lamoraga, we carry a variety of wines to enjoy with your dessert. Wines like Hidalgo Alameda Cream, Quinta Nova LBV, and Cigar Bar Late Harvest Malbec are on offer. Pair one of these wines with our mouth watering desserts like our Lamoraga Delight, a coconut milk laced bread pudding with vanilla ice cream, or A Piece of Heaven, a Grand Marnier laced frozen soufflé on ginger cookie crumble. Come enjoy a meal with us, and be sure to save room for dessert.