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Explore Spanish Tapas featuring Spanish Hams at Lamoraga

Lamoraga takes pride in using the finest quality ingredients from around the world. Because we focus on Spanish cuisine, we ensure we use the best tasting hams from the region: Iberico and Serrano. A featured Spanish tapas favorite at Lamoraga is the Roasted Red Pepper Iberico Roll (Flamenquin Iberico). This is a pounded pork tenderloin roll, stuffed with Serrano ham, roasted red peppers and chipotle sauce. With our 5J Bellota Ham dish, you’ll get to sample one of the finest hams in the world. It is aged for a year and a half, and served with pan con tomate (bread and tomatoes). As you read below, you will see the differences between each type of ham, andwhat makes Spanish hams so unique.  There is nothing like tapas tasting at Lamoraga.serranoserrano ham - tapas naples

Spain is known for producing some of the world’s best, high-quality hams. Many factors go into creating a perfect ham: pig breed, how it was raised,feeding, processing. Certification for
quality hams comes from the Denominación de Origin or the Consorcio del Jamón Serrano
Español. Pigs bred for making these hams are generally fed cereal grain and mother’s milk. As
they get older, white pigs will eat just cereal feed. Ibérico pigs, though, have a variety of diets.
Serrano Hams
There are three major distinctions for this type of ham having to do with how the pigs are raised,
fed, and how long they are cured. Cured Serrano ham comes from white pigs raised on farms
generally outside of Spain. They are fed cereal grain and cured for less than 8 months. Gold
and Silver Serrano ham also comes from white pigs, but they were raised on farms in Spain, fed
cereal grain, and cured over 12 months. The final type is made from white or Duroc pigs fed
cereal feed, then cured for over a year in high altitude, dry areas. These include Teruel,
Trevelez, and Gran Serrano hams. If you would like to try Serrano Ham at Lamoraga, try the Jamon Iberico Con Melon (Serrano Ham with melon on baby arugula, sea salt and Port reduction).

Ibérico Hams
This is the other major type of Spanish ham, and includes many varieties based on factors like
feed, location, and more. All Ibérico ham comes from Ibérico pigs. Cebo grade Ibérico ham
comes from pigs that are fed cereal grain. Jamón Ibérico de Bellota comes from pigs that spend
their last few months of life eating acorns in a certain region of Spain. During this period the pigs
will put on about half their final weight. These are likely the most famous of the Spanish hams.
Some refer to it as the caviar of hams. Recebo grade Ibérico ham is also from pigs that feed on
acorns, but they spend less time doing so. They are also fed cereal feed.